FarexCrane complex is a competitive and leading importer and manufacturer in the hoist industry, established in 1979, and with more than 40 years of experience and a positive reputation in this industry.

Exclusive representative of sales and after-sales for Samsung Co. chained winches from South Korea, Exclusive representative of sales and after-sales of towing wire ropes, longitudinal and transversely mounted motor-gearbox sets of PODEM Co. from Bulgaria.

Design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of various simple and curved overhead cranes, gate and half gate cranes, and arm cranes.Exclusive sales and after-sales services of TELE CRANE Taiwanese remote controls in Iran. Provider of all mechanical components of the hoists, such as steel and cast iron gears, rubber anti-shock, ball bearing, etc.

Manufacturer of power supply and C-rails with all accessories.This complex also carefully analyzes and selects the products of companies from which the wire rope winches and chained winches are built. These products are the most essential parts of the industry, therefore a team of experts is constantly analyzing and examining the quality of all products.